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Redwood Heights Lifestyle Magazine

Pixel art of the Redwood Heights Towers of New Oban City.

There’s something to appreciate in every part of New Oban, but we’ve got to admit there’s something extra special about Redwood Heights, and it’s not just the view from the top. As if the pleasure of the most exclusive — and greenest — accommodation in the city wasn’t enough, you’re also entitled to a copy of your very own lifestyle magazine, Viewpoint, available both in 100% recycled and recyclable paper, and through your Citizen’s Portal Account. Here’s just a taster of this month’s edition:

Food and Drink
  • Mix Fix: A Cocktail For Every Season

  • Recipe of the month: Creamy Coconut Lime Salmon

  • Getting your just deserts: Classic Cranachan, Tempting Tablet and Berry Brulee

  • Can’t Cook Won’t Cook: The hottest (and coolest) eateries in New Oban

Style and Beauty
  • The Six Must-Have Products for Your Makeup Bag

  • The Bob is Back! A Style For Every Face Shape

  • Raindrops on Roses: Caroline Waterman tells us about her new floral-inspired rainwear

  • The No-Knife Facelift — New Oban’s hottest new beauty trend

Homes and Gardens
  • Rooftops, windowboxes and hydroponics: why vertical living means vertical gardening

  • Tartan Trend

  • Declutter your life in eight easy steps

  • Secrets of Scotland’s Top Interior Designers

  • Top Twenty Kid-Friendly New Oban Attractions

  • How To Have "The Chat" With Your Children

  • Our Favourite Scottish Books for Young Kids

  • Should I teach my child Gaelic? (and other questions to ask yourself before your child turns 2)

  • Teen Torments and Toddler Tantrums - parenting isn’t always easy, and psychologist Jilda is here to answer all your questions!

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