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Why Choose New Oban?

It’s impossible to list all the benefits!

Pixel art of a cozy looking New Oban cabin near some trees.
  • Designed to the highest ecological standards, all the homes in New Oban work with the natural environment - and the natural environment is all around you. Every home has a wonderful view - forest, lake, mountains or rivers. The choice is yours.

  • Planned with broad boulevards and arranged on a circular grid system, we think New Oban is the most liveable city in the world. Petrol vehicles are banned here, but electric cars are available to hire at cost by the hour. Bikes, trikes, scooters and skateboards are welcome everywhere!

  • We’ve already brought in the best Scottish cuisine and catering, and our restaurants, bars, cafes and bakeries are thriving. With new places opening every day, you could have a different meal out every night for a year.

  • What about culture? We’ve got it! Our state-of-the-art central library occupies a 2,000 square metre building in the heart of the city. We have two cinemas, a venue for performance arts and a rotating selection of objects and exhibits from the National Museum of Scotland. We’re proud that late last year we hosted a performance by the Swedish Philharmonia. Not only that, our young and vibrant community is already making its own entertainment - why not try our New Oban NO Exit escape room or enter our summer outdoor games and sports festival?

  • The city is fully enabled with free high-speed wifi. Wherever you want to work, whether it be in your office on the 30th floor or on a natural-wood bench by a trout pool, you’ll always be connected.

  • Worried about the dark winters? Our natural-light arboretums mimic a 12-hour day cycle. And by local by-law, employees must have a two-hour work break in the middle of the day to enjoy the benefits of natural light and exercise.

  • And with generous government grants for individuals, communities and companies moving to New Oban, you’ll begin your new life here with a nice nest egg and reduced tax rates for your first ten years of residency.

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