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Community News

Pixel art of Two New Oban police officers arresting a civilian. The police station and New Oban city can be seen in the background.

Read the latest New Oban news here!

  • Board of Governors Halt Construction on New Solar Array

After months of scrutiny, the Board of Governors yesterday announced that construction on the proposed northwest solar array will remain on hold pending feasibility and cost-effectiveness studies, citing concerns regarding operational security and the local ambulatory dead.

  • Three Months Without Zombie Deaths

This week New Oban has reached the milestone of a full quarter of a year without a zombie-related fatality, despite several near-misses. Thanks are due to the oversight of the Board of Governors, and the tireless vigilance of the Marshalls.

  • Operation Clean-Up Is Go!

A concerned group of local citizens have formed their own Clean-Up-Crew, dedicated to scrubbing the walls and pavements of New Oban clean of graffiti. Citizens can volunteer to join them in their local community hub, and are reminded that vandalism carries a mandatory custodial sentence.

  • Four Parents Arrested After Children Miss School

The parents of three children between the ages of seven and ten have been remanded in custody after teachers reported that their school attendance had fallen below the acceptable minimum. The children, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have been taken into foster care pending the outcome of the trial.

  • Software Update Available for Cyberdogs 3.0

The new update for the newest model of robotic canine companions is ready for download and adds realistic new features, such as sniffing, scratching and ear movement. As if that wasn’t enough, it also corrects the known bug causing uncontrollable indoor digging and allows teaching of four new tricks!

  • “Resistance” Cell Uncovered

The so-called New Oban Resistance suffered yet another setback this week when six more of their members were arrested for crimes against the city. They are thought to be part of the group responsible for last year’s zombie incursion, and are presently being questioned as to the identities of the few remaining members of their association still at large.

  • Marshall Rescues Kitten From Storm Drain

When seven year-old Caitlin Kennedy’s kitten, Boots, went missing from her family’s second circle apartment, the little girl spent hours looking for her beloved pet, eventually finding him beneath the grate of a storm drain. Local Marshall Susan McConnel was in the area and ready to help.“The water was rising pretty quickly,” Marshall McConnel told us. “I don’t like to think of what might have happened to the wee beastie if we hadn’t got him out in time. Still, they’re both home safe now, and that’s all that matters.” Caitlin certainly agrees!

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