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How To Have "The Chat” With
Your Children

It’s always said that parenting each new generation comes with unique challenges, but that’s never been truer than today. One of the questions most often asked by expectant parents is when do I tell my child about zombies? Like all of the big questions in life, the answer is never easy, but here are five steps to help you through.

  1. You’re never too young to learn about zombies
    Unlike in some less fortunate settlements, where the soundtrack to life might be a perpetual moan, New Oban’s children live sheltered lives behind robust city walls. But if you don't talk to your children about zombies, someone else will.

  2. Zombies are a fact of life
    While it can be tempting to try and preserve a precious few years of childhood innocence, most psychologists recommend making matter-of-fact conversation about zombies part of everyday life from your child’s first days.

  3. Downplay the metaphysical
    No matter your religious beliefs or lack of them, it’s important for children to learn that zombism is a fatal disease, not a curse or a punishment.

  4. Don’t try and keep it secret
    Children are smart, and will know you’re hiding something. The last thing you want is a curious child setting off on an adventure to see what’s outside the city walls.

  5. Zombies are an avoidable hazard, just like cars, fire and boiling water
    Discussing zombies and how to deal with them from an early age prepares your child for a safe, well-informed future.

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